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Integrating Guard Service

Combining Guards with Mobile Surveillance Systems 

When “Boots on the Ground” Human Presence is Required

Occasionally an insurance company may require a human guard presence. Combining guards with Mobile Surveillance Systems can fill your requirement and save you money in the process. 

Advantages and Pitfalls of having a Live Guard On Site 

The advantages of having a guard on site include:

  •  Physically lock/unlock doors or gates.
  •  Fire and flood watch
  •  Direct visitors/subs/suppliers/owners entering the site to the area they need to be.
  •  Assist in site maintenance (picking up trash)
  •  Stop and/or report site rule violations in real time.

When hiring a human guard service, be aware of the pitfalls.  The role of a security guard is inherently passive because their job is to wait for a crime to occur. Such inactivity can trigger drowsiness.  This does not mean ALL guards are going to fall asleep, but the risk factor is high.  Guards are also limited in coverage; while in one corner of your property, an incident could ​go unnoticed on the other end ​of your property.

Combining Guards with Mobile Surveillance Systems Expands a Guard’s Field of View

Combining guard service with strategically placed cameras

Combining guards with Mobile Surveillance Systems can create virtual perimeter fencing to detect an intruder before they get near the assets being protected. Fixed cameras can provide asset specific protection for gates, storage containers, high value equipment and materials, etc.  A Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera can be controlled remotely by our monitoring operators to follow an intruder. It can also be programmed to take “tours” at regular intervals with its home position set for the best view of your site.  All of these tools help the remote agent expand the guard’s field of view 10-fold, as well as keep them awake and safe.

Combining guard service with strategically placed cameras enables remote agents to view multiple critical areas of a property at the same time. This is called “Integrated Security”.  The remote agents can keep the guard on the ground appraised of what’s happening on the property he is patrolling.  

With Focal Point Security’s Mobile Surveillance Systems you have time and date stamped digital video footage saved in cloud servers.  Our systems have video analytics that can yield detailed reports providing you with valuable insights. FPS’ video security removes all doubt by providing all the video evidence for you need for police investigations or potential lawsuits. 

Combining Mobile Surveillance Systems with Live Remote Guards

Combining Video with Live Remote GuardsRemote monitoring centers are set up with multiple “guards” (operators, agents) watching a limited number of cameras each.  If one operator has 16 cameras and two of those go into alarm, another operator will take over monitoring of 14 cameras.  In this way, the 1st operator can deal with the alarm situation on the other two. With multiple operators in the monitoring center, it’s unlikely that anything will be missed.

Our surveillance and response monitoring center meets or exceeds all Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for safety and quality.  Our live remote guards are equipped with surveillance technology that proactively looks for irregularities and visual clues to alert monitoring stations. This constant and consistent stream of proactive alerts keeps station professionals prepared to take immediate action.   They have incorporated redundant alarm signal processing servers. This means they have multiple technological devices covering and receiving calls. Redundancy ensures that despite weather, technological failure, or power outages, your construction site will still be protected. Additionally, our monitoring center has dual backup power generators.  And the command center is equipped with state-of-the-art video and two-way audio technology. 

Like Air Traffic Controllers, Monitoring Agents are closely supervised and required to take frequent breaks to keep them alert in the middle of the day or night. They can, in turn, keep your man on the ground both awake and safe .

Statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau reveal the cost of construction site crime to be between $300m and $1b annually.
Combining your guard service with Remotely Monitored Mobile Surveillance Systems will save you a lot of money. Remotely monitored video security costs about half as much as human guards and cuts down the number of “on the ground” guards you need for proper security.    

 Combining guards with Mobile Surveillance Systems                                  

Combining guards with Mobile Surveillance Systems

Integrating Guards with Video Security helps keep your “man on the ground” awake and safe.

   Integrated Security gives you the
Best of Both Worlds:

“Eyes in the Sky” and “Boots on the Ground”

giving you

The Best Possible Security

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                                                    Best Possible Price