We have earned our customer’s explicit trust with the sensitive nature of the services we provide them. We can not divulge the identity of our customers without their permission (you will be given the same courtesy). However, we want you to know why our customers love us.  To that end, the following are some things our customers have said to us about us.

Theft During New School Project

We were thankful and relieved that we asked you to monitor our construction site.  When we had a break-in, you were quick to call law enforcement and the thieves were arrested on site.

We were glad you gave the police a video of the entire event (the initial break-in, facial shots of the criminals, as well as the items that were stolen). This gave the police enough evidence to get the criminals to confess, saving our company massive court costs.

We are pleased and grateful for hiring you because you were a key component in the protection of our site and arresting of the criminals, saving us untold time and money on that project.

Arizona Farm Labor Security

We contacted you because we were challenged. Sometimes we use inmate labor because it helps them get re-acclimated into society. Unfortunately, this creates risk for our farm.

By coordinating with a guard service doing live guard patrols, you were able to enhance our security coverage with cameras.

Additionally, your service and equipment provided us the ability to monitor the construction progress and guard attentiveness, giving us greater control over the project. We were extremely happy to have your additional precautionary care at our farm.

Customers who gave us permission to identify them:

Specialized Security For New Catholic Church Construction

“When we built our church, we wanted to allow parishioners to witness the construction from start to finish 24/7. Since we imported costly marble and wood materials from Italy, it was imperative to provide the highest amount of security, at the same time respecting the visitors who wanted to follow the building of their new church.

We called Focal Point Security.  They were both thorough and diligent in monitoring our church remotely.  During the day, we were able to use their security system for management purposes.
I am extremely pleased and impressed with the service we received from Focal Point Security.”

Ken Lepper, Chairman
Church Construction & Development Oversight Committee

Community College Expansion 

“What a pleasure it has been working with you!

The personal attention you and your team gave my project made keeping my 6 acre project with multiple access points safe and secure, I was also very happy with being able to access the cameras at any time and that we were able to give   access to the owners so they feel more involved in the whole process.”

   Rick Meyer, Willmeng Construction