The Beginning of my Passion for Security!


Our founder and her storyOur story began when I was working as a sales representative selling electronic components to manufacturers of devices like cameras, recorders etc. My company also had a security division that sold those finished devices (cameras, recorders) to end customers. When transferred to the security division, I enjoyed it more because I was able to help people solve their security problems.

The security industry is like a friend.  At first I liked it, but I came to love it as I learned more about it; the problems people had and the solutions technology could provide for those problems.

The industry broadened for me, opened up and became a playground for knowledge. The technology is always changing and it never gets boring.


The Inspiration to starting Focal Point Security!

As our story continues, I was working for a cloud monitoring company.  My job was to get integrators nationwide to buy our temporary security cameras for their customers so we could monitor the site. 

I had spent three years telling other people how great this  business is.  It has a solid revenue model that provides better security than guards for lower costs to the customer. I finally decided to venture out on my own and started my own company.

The Creation of Focal Point Security!

Focal Point Security started with me, then I found an integrator to do the installations. Focal Point Security began working with a guard company who wanted to offer video with guard services to a local university he was working with.  This was our first job. He had me provide video and my integrator installed it.

Early on, our integrator wasn’t working out and we found ourselves struggling on a project. My husband called one of his clients, Norm, who was a general contractor and Kent, one of my husband’s fellow accountants, who’s real love is technology.  Together, they went to the job site, fixed the problem and saved the project. Norm is now our COO and Kent is our CTO.  

I was buried managing the projects finding no time to sell, so my sister Sally started working on our sales and became our Director of Sales and Marketing. My husband, a CPA, is our CFO.

And that is our story of how we came together as Focal Point Security.

Everyone on our team has ownership of the company. This speaks to our philosophy, because we believe in taking care of everyone. As owners, our entire team is focused on great customer service and support.

At Focal Point Security, we all have a rich history of entrepreneurship. We understand what it takes to build a company where we work together to bring value to other organizations. Collaboratively, we’ve created a business culture that holds high value on quality and service, not only for our customers, but everyone we come into contact with.  

Founder and CEO