“Your Security is Our Focus”

With over 40 years of experience,
Focal Point Security will protect your property from crime
so you can get on with business as usual, without losing sleep.
We take the time to understand your unique requirements for temporary security
so we can detect, respond and record crime based on your needs for your property.

DBE Certified and SBC Registered (AZUTRACS # 21726)

 Keep Your
Profits in Your Pocket

A contractor’s ability to
control theft and vandalism

on his construction site can mean the
difference between
making a profit or suffering a loss.

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Always in the
Right Place at the Right Time

Our remotely monitored temporary security is
Real Security provided by a team of
 Highly Trained Security Experts
who can watch your assets

24/7/ 365 

The Right Tools
for a
Job Well Done!

Technology Based Security Company
is only as good as

the tools they use.

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“When we built our church, we wanted to allow parishioners to witness the construction from start to finish 24/7. Since we imported costly marble and wood materials from Italy, it was imperative to provide the highest amount of security, at the same time respecting the visitors who wanted to follow the building of their new church.            

We called Focal Point Security.  They were both thorough and diligent in monitoring our church remotely. During the day, we were able to use their security system for management purposes. I am extremely pleased and impressed with the service we received from Focal Point Security.”

Ken Lepper, Chairman Church Construction & Development Oversight Committee

Our Gift to You:
a Free Theft Prevention Checklist

Minimize Your Headaches
 Expedite the Return of Stolen Items