Live Remote Security and Response (Virtual Guard)

Our surveillance and response monitoring center meets or exceeds all Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for safety and quality by incorporating redundant alarm signal processing servers and dual backup power generators.

The service provides local police, fire departments and emergency personnel with a comprehensive database containing vital information pertinent to the individual needs of the customer. Our monitor center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly skilled operators that are trained to respond to emergencies. Rest assured, our operators are standing by to alert the proper authorities and dispatch help in your time of need so that you can sleep peacefully.

Remote monitoring centers are set up with multiple “guards” (operators, agents) watching a limited # of cameras each and if one operator has 16 cameras and 2 of those go into alarm, another operator will take over monitoring of 14 cameras so that the 1st agent can deal with the alarm situation on the other 2. With multiple operators in the center along with supervisors to step in as needed, it less likely that anything will be missed.

Remote monitoring agents are closely supervised and made to take frequent breaks to keep them alert in the middle of the night.

Our Remote Services include:

    • Remote video event and response verification 24/7
    • Video monitored openings and closings
    • Video “guard patrols”
    • Remote video escort
    • Site Audit monitoring
security guard officer watching video monitoring surveillance security systemsecurity guard officer watching video monitoring surveillance security system

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