Meet Our Management Team


We are a highly qualified group of professionals who are dedicated to customer service and your security. Each member of our management team has decades of successful experience, and we are all excited to bring our combined knowledge and experience to help keep you, your employees, and your organization secure.


Meghan Uhl
Founder and CEO

Meghan Uhl has 30 years of accomplishments and experience in the security industry. She has had several active roles over the years, including a manufacturer’s representative, system integrator, factory direct representative, and more. Meghan also held positions in areas such as field sales, application engineering, national channel management, and sales team management. Prior to entering the security industry, Meghan owned a small business in the high-end interior design services industry, and invested in real estate rental and resale properties.


William “Bill” Barchilon, CPA
Co-Founder and CFO

William H. Barchilon, CPA received his Master’s Degree in Economics from Arizona State University, where he spent the first 3 years of his career teaching Economics and Money & Banking. He spent 8 years working in the banking industry and on Wall Street, applying his knowledge as a Market Planning Officer, Economist and Interest Rate Strategist. After Wall Street, with experiences as a Controller and CFO, Bill opened his private practice in taxation in 1987, and has continued in that role to-date, in addition to his duties with Focal Point Security.


Kent Flake

Kent has a diverse background from working on a 2,000 head cattle ranch most of his life, to currently owning a 150 head cattle ranch where he gained experience in all aspects of business. He additionally worked for a door & trim company and was responsible for the HR, IT, and Accounting Department with payroll of 65 employees. Kent currently owns an accounting and tax preparation business, along with his main role as Focal Point Security’s CTO.


Norman “Norm” Botkin

Norm’s extensive background in commercial construction, primarily in the Steel Workers union, and then later as the President & CEO of his own contracting business, gives him unique insight and knowledge of all phases of construction. Norm holds both GC licenses KB2 (residential and small commercial) and is the Qualifying Party for Focal Point Security low voltage license CR67 (residential and commercial low voltage).

Norm has also earned the following certifications: OSHA 10 and OSHA Sub-Part R, AWP (Arial Work Platform) NCCCO Qualified Rigger & Signal Man, and SCSA (safety) – SCOT (safety construction orientation training) and Rights & Responsibilities Certification.


Sally Blaser
Director of Sales

Sally has over ten years of highly successful sales experience in both consumer and B2B industries. Her expertise includes phone, direct, and presentation sales. She is formally trained in proven sales techniques, has excellent organizational skills, and has hands-on technical knowledge of our products. Prior to her work in sales, she owned and operated small businesses in the consumer services industry, and in the natural health industry. Sally is the embodiment of attention to detail and a strong work ethic. She is a self-starter with the ability to analyze business operations and recommend strategies to improve performance.

Contracted Consultants

Mitch Bolnick, Principal
Office: 602-687-9933


Duke Merhavy, MBA, Ph.D., President & Chief Marketing Officer
Office: 888-412-2236

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