Focal Point Security provides a Security Monitoring & Response Service for a monthly fee.  The equipment placed on your site are the “tools” we use to provide the security coverage you need.  Each Construction Site is unique and therefore, the equipment we place on the site is unique.

Our Eco-System

Our flagship service utilizes a large, intimidating, yet highly mobile pole system. 

Our fixed and Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera positions provide:

Virtual fencing to detect an intruder before they get near the assets being protected.

Asset specific detection zones for gates, conex, materials, etc

Our PTZ cameras detect at up to 1000 feet

Our Fixed cameras detect at up to 250 feet

Thermal cameras detect up to 500+ feet.

We monitor these cameras remotely with response based on video alert notifications.
Live operators, notified of an alert, take control of the PTZ camera for close inspection of the entire site, tracking of intruder and provide intelligence to responding law enforcement regarding intruder and their current location.

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