Focal Point Security provides a Security Monitoring & Response Service for a monthly fee. The equipment placed on your property are the tools we use to provide the security coverage you need. Each application is unique, therefore the equipment we use is unique to your needs.

About Our Cameras

The FPS camera standards are a mix of very high-resolution, weatherproofed, IP (Internet Protocol) fixed, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and thermal cameras. When needed for very dark areas or longer detection distance requirements, we use thermal video cameras along with independent high distance IR (infrared) lighting, that provides coverage superior to IR lighting that is built into most cameras.

All our cameras, whether thermal, PTZ, or fixed, will directly trigger alarms to our monitoring operators.  They are not first relayed through another system on site.  The instantaneous transmission of ultra-high-resolution, live streaming video cuts valuable seconds off our monitoring team’s response time to catch any breech of the area being protected, well before valuable assets are at risk.

With our thermal cameras pointing down each perimeter of your property, we can offer virtual fencing to detect an intruder before they get near the assets being protected.

Our fixed and PTZ camera home positions provide asset specific detection zones.  They have a detection range of 200+ feet.

The server that holds the management software and storage for our system is located inside of each individual camera at the top of the pole, out of reach of unauthorized hands and accessed remotely at any time. Video is recorded both at the camera on an SD (ScanDisk) card and “in the cloud” on the video management application system we use.  Our system utilizes a managed battery & solar power system with a 2-day minimum up-time in bad weather. All cameras include two-way microphones for remote communication and systems can include horn sirens if required.

Three System Choices 

Eco-Max:  designed for applications that require a heavy load or high wind resistance (90mph).

Eco-Mini: designed for ease of installation (reducing cost and support requirements).

Eco-Camera Box: designed for use on customer provided poles, trailers or buildings with power (saving you the cost of our solar power).

Both the Eco-Max and Eco-Mini are moved onto your property with wheels that are then easily removed for security purposes, and easily re-installed for relocations as needed.

Our systems utilize technology that is completely self-supporting requiring very little to no maintenance while the system is on your property. Designed to be eco-friendly, our systems use solar power and sealed lead acid batteries for up to two days of standby power in the case of no sun for solar regeneration

We provide programming, set-up, and maintenance support for all of our systems at no additional cost.  Systems are provided to customers on short or long term basis as is required, and are included with monitoring and data services.