Meghan Uhl

I’ve been blessed with many mentors in my career, too many to name individually, but I thank them all sincerely.
Two in particular had a profound impact early in my life & career.  I would like to take this oportunity to pay tribute to them. 

Both have passed away now and I look to my memory of their teachings when I need a reminder or need to make a difficult decision.
“What would Daddy do?” or “What would “Grandpa” do?”
Our company philosophy has been modeled with these guiding lessons.
These two men gave me the knowledge and courage to start a business.  Without their influence,
Focal Point Security would not exist today so I pay tribute and give thanks to them both.



I began my life when this man (Daddy) delivered me into the world. Daddy had just started his own business the year of my birth and for all my life, I watched him work his business which was a door to door scissor & knife sharpening service. Amongst so many other life lessons having to do with “do the right thing” and “pay it forward”, Daddy taught me that if you’re doing what you enjoy, you’ll do it more hours in the day than a normal working person and go to bed fulfilled and happy. Some would have called him a workaholic but his work was his “play” and by doing it that way, he honed skills & ultimately had a very successful small business. I’m grateful for all he taught me and endeavor to make him proud in every aspect of my life both personal and professional. In today’s world, lines of ethics can be very gray and hard to read so I take extra care to examine my actions & behavior, taking input from those I trust to be brutally honest.  And everyday, I try to do the right thing and help others to pay it forward. This is the foundation upon which we run our business. We approach every situation honestly, ethically and with the aim to do the right thing regardless of cost or time needed to do it right. We love what we do and are proud of our accomplishments everyday so we can all go to bed fulfilled and happy.



I began my career in security working inside sales for the Phoenix office of C.T. Carlberg & Associates, a Manufactures Rep Firm. I quickly moved to outside sales and stayed with the company for ten years of my career. “Grandpa” (Carl Carlberg) was still active in the business, assisting with phones, mail etc. at the corporate office in Albuquerque, NM and, mentoring those of us who worked for the company. Carl taught me the importance of taking care of the customer first and not worrying about how I would get compensated. He believed that if you provided above and beyond support to all customers big & small and whether they purchased from you or not – your business would grow and thrive. When it came time for me to leave, it was Grandpa who encouraged me to take that leap and move onto bigger things for my career. I’ve tried to model my behavior after his sage advice, going out of my way to be a valuable asset to customers even if they don’t have a purchase to make. I will always appreciate Grandpa’s mentoring and will strive to make him proud of me as I run my business with him in mind. This philosophy guides our entire team and every individual is empowered to take the necessary steps to ensure we are taking care of the customer first. It guides our sales approach to be a consultant first, help the client identify the risks they face and even helping them determine if they even have a risk that needs to be protected. Sometimes we can provide practical advise for procedures, landscaping, lighting etc., to reduce their risk without the expense of electronic security. It is not about “selling” them on a system, it is about addressing their unique situation in the most practical & cost effective manner. It is the meaning behind our tag line “Your Security is Our Focus”.