In addition to our main services, we offer other related products and services that complement our core offerings. Some of these are provided by our network of trusted industry partners and others we provide directly.  They include:


Fuel Free Solar
Generator Replacement
Proprietary, Fuel Free, Generator Replacement

Maximum Continuous Power of 1500W
No fuel or maintenance required
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Workplace Compliance Audit

A scheduled check on an area, making note of the activities or areas of interest that the owner/manager wants to know about.  For example: Remotely Monitor compliance to construction site Rules of Conduct.
If the Superintendent or Project Manager wants to be sure all of his/her workers and subcontractors are wearing proper safety gear while they are working and the audit finds someone does not have their hard hat on,
the owner/manager would receive a report of the instance with an attached video clip.

UAV/drone services

See more of your site and follow intruders.
Document Project Progression
Roof Inspections
Geotechnical Surveying

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