Construction Sites

Construction sites are often chaotic with different crews all over the place, trucks entering the site dropping off equipment and materials, etc.

    • Vandalism and theft on construction sites during and after working hours, from both ‘insiders’ and outside elements, result in loss of time in repairs or replacements that are costly to the construction company
    • It is hard, if not impossible, to make sure OSHA requirements are being adhered to
    • Subcontractors and employees often show up late, and take long and frequent breaks which result in higher costs and delays

Our construction site solutions take care of all of these problems. Our remote virtual guard monitoring and surveillance solutions have helped many construction companies and property owners save money, save time, and improve efficiency all around. Our construction site solutions are better than other methods for the following reasons:

    • Our virtual guards (monitoring center agents) are never late for work, never call in sick, never fall asleep on the job, and cost only a fraction of the cost of human guards
    • In case of intrusion, our remote monitoring agents will continue to monitor the intruder until police arrive and then provide a video of the entire incident for litigation purposes
    • During business hours the system can be used to manage the construction site remotely
    • The presence of our video equipment and the signs indicating that the site is being monitored serve as a deterrent for would be violators and thieves

We identify the unique risks and potential threats for each facility and then utilize technology-based tools to assist our virtual guard agents to deter, detect, respond to and document events.  Our practical approach to security design takes into account the specific risks for that particular client in addition to the typical risks for all clients and then provides a layered approach to protection beginning with the outside perimeter and moving inward to protect in layers.

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