Client Success Stories

Our clients trust us explicitly with the sensitive nature of the services we provide them. Members of the managment team have a long history of working with government agencies, commercial/industrial properties and general contractors to provide a variety of temporary and permanent security solutions. Following are some examples of the work our team has been involved in over the years.

Temporary Video Surveillance

Theft During New School Project
As a new school was being built, Focal Point Security worked with the general contractor to provide the construction site with the needed security measures. During the course of the build, a theft occurred. We alerted the police and they showed up within minutes of the break in and they were able to intercept the perpetrators as they tried to leave the site when they saw the police coming. A high-speed chase ensued and ultimately 4 people were arrested and convicted.

We were also able to provide law enforcement with video of the entire event – from footage of the initial break-in to facial shots of the perpetrators, as well as the items that were stolen. The perpetrators turned out to be part of a group who had been hitting several construction sites in the area and ours was the only site with video monitoring that managed to catch the ring in action. We played a key role in assisting law enforcement in capturing the thieves. We are proud to report that our video recording also played a key role in convicting the perpetrators.

Arizona Farm Labor Security
Focal Point Security worked in tandem with an Arizona commercial farm to provide a unique type of security during the construction of additional buildings on the premises. What made this project different was the fact that this particular farm works with the Arizona Department of Corrections and utilizes inmate labor for some of their needs. While this helps to reduce criminal recidivism, unfortunately it also increases potential risks to the farm. By coordinating with the guard services company hired to provide live guard patrols for the farm, we were able to enhance their coverage & response with our virtual guard monitoring services using an array of video camera equipment. In addition, our service and equipment provided the owner with the ability to monitor the construction progress and guard patrols, giving them greater management control over the project. The farm was extremely happy with the results of our security services.

Specialized Security For New Catholic Church Construction
Focal Point Security provided security during the construction of a new church. What made this project different was that the church owners wanted to allow parishioners to be able to witness the construction throughout. Therefore, it was important to provide the highest amount of security, while also respecting the visitors who wanted to follow the building of their new church. Since gates were open to the public during the day, and visitors were able to wander inside, having the right amount of security was imperative. The general contractor on this project utilized our security system for management purposes during the day, as well as to monitor it remotely during non-working hours. He was so impressed with our system that he told his company about us, and Focal Point Security has since provided a quote to them for a future project.

Community College Expansion Project
Provided security for a community college expansion project. The construction disrupted parking for the portion of the school that was still open and operational, and this created a problem with students entering the construction site accidentally. Additionally, the college was bordered by open public desert and this meant they ran a potential risk of outside intruders. In addition to providing pan/tilt/zoom cameras for security, the general contractor requested a high quality time lapse video to display on their website and use in project meetings with the owner. We were able to program the cameras in a way that provided all the necessary visuals. We also delivered weekly updates for their meetings and then provided them with a final rendition that included the entire construction period.

Live Intrusion Monitoring

Security For High-End Car Dealership
Provided security for a high-end car dealership in Texas that was having problems with vandalism and theft. Car dealerships offer a unique challenge for security because they tend to have open perimeters. After-hours shoppers are important to car sales, therefore this particular dealership needed a way to capture criminal activity without discouraging or disrespecting their prospective shoppers. Not only were we able to integrate our security systems with their existing camera system, we also provided them with live video surveillance during closed business hours. We also set up an audio system so that our agents could communicate to visitors/intruders to ensure that no one wandered into restricted areas. For example, if children with bikes or skateboards wandered onto the property, we were able to ask them to leave without necessarily needing police involvement. However, if a criminal incident occurred, we were able to dispatch the police immediately.

Public Pool Security
Worked with a City Parks & Recreation Department in Arizona to provide cameras and after hours monitoring of public pools. These types of areas are a hotspot for after-hours partying from local teenagers and, because this means a major liability risk for the city, monitoring them is extremely important. Using remote monitoring agents providing live full time monitoring during off-hours, we were able to dispatch police to break up several of these late-night gatherings.

Video System For Arabian Horse Birth
Worked with an Arabian show horse ranch owner to provide live video in the birthing stall of one of his high value mares. The owner wanted to be able to monitor her condition and observe the horse for signs of labor, while allowing for privacy in the stall for her. Video cameras in the stall allowed the owner to remain in the ranch house, while still having the ability to monitor the birthing process from where he was.

Permanent Video Surveillance

Maricopa County Security
Worked hand-in-hand with Maricopa County Facilities Management staff to establish a countywide standard for access control. Because the county had several different departments, each with distinct needs, this particular project required unique planning. Over a period of about a year and a half, our CEO actively participated in regular meetings to discuss design, implementation, and procurement plans and processes. She played a key role in helping the County decide what they needed for security, and her involvement resulted in a standardization that is still in place today.

Arizona Jail Video Systems
Worked with the County Sheriff’s office Planning and Development representative to design a digital video recording system for existing and future jail systems here in Arizona. With former Madison County Jail serving as a pilot site, we designed the video system that went into the planned Lower Buckeye Jail, 4th Avenue Jail, and their Central Services Facility.

Tempe Union High School District Security
Worked with the Tempe Union High School District Facilities Manager and IT Director to help design an integrated access control, digital video recording, CCTV, and intrusion detection system for 7 schools, as well as the District Office. We remained involved in the project though implementation and completion, providing project management support and administrative interface with district representatives.

Access Control Standard For Cities of Avondale And Peoria
Were asked by a security consultant to assist in the design of a city-wide standard for access control and digital video system standardization for the City of Avondale and later, the City of Peoria. Working with the architect and City staff, we helped develop the conceptual design for both projects, as well as provide the installation for the City of Avondale.

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