Temporary Video Surveillance

There are occasions in which video surveillance is required for a limited amount of time, due to construction or similar circumstances. At times like this, it is important to use a security company with the experience and the right equipment designed specifically for these conditions.

When securing a temporary site, our main design objective is to protect the assets and areas the customer identifies as critical. The highest level of security is to detect intrusion at the perimeter and then provide an overall view of the rest of the site allowing our remote monitoring operators to “see” the activity as they engage law enforcement, notify the owner and/or, using audio communicate with the trespasser. If there are specific assets or areas that the customer wants to focus on, with or without a high level of perimeter security, we have products and services to meet those needs as well.

We strategically place highly mobile yet stationary poles for the best overall coverage to meet the customers unique site needs such as:

      • The building under construction
      • Entrance gates
      • Heavy machinery
      • Materials
      • Conex boxes
      • Equipment
      • Bodies of water (ponds)

To accomplish this, we utilize technology based tools that may include thermal imaging cameras, IR Day/Night cameras, strobe lights, communications equipment, audio equipment and other technologies depending on the layout of the site and level of security required. All our equipment are fully supported by a clean energy power & solar system that provides independent power for up to two days without sunshine. This gives us the ability to provide security services in remote areas and on sites without any utility connection. Every pole is a complete standalone video system giving us the ability to “see” the site remotely for our surveillance & response services.  Additional pole systems are easily and seamlessly integrated into a single system for additional coverage as your project progresses.


Poles are equipped with all the video/tools (cameras) we select for the application. This video is transmitted via cellular  connection to our monitoring station. The number of poles required is dependent on the size of the site and requirements of the customer.  There is no limitation to the number of poles that can be added to the system allowing for complete coverage of even the largest sites.

All poles are equipped with clean energy power/solar systems to provide independent power where needed.

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