Critical Infrastructure and Utilities

In today’s world, facilities that serve the public, such as power stations and water reservoirs, become targets of hostile attacks. The agencies and organizations in charge of such facilities employ a variety of measures to secure them. However, securing such facilities is very challenging due to a number of factors:

      • The same entity may have multiple facilities and substations geographically dispersed over large areas
      • Some facilities are very large
      • Even small damage, breach, or outage might have devastating and even deadly consequences
      • Multiple layers of ‘deter and detect’ are required
      • All activity on property must be documented to enhance forensic investigations should an adverse event occur
      • Federally and/or state mandated minimum levels of security and monitoring apply in most cases, including requirements regarding video surveillance and storage of video files

We take the time to identify the unique risks and potential threats for each facility and then provide recommendations for technology-based systems to deter, detect, respond to and document events. We also make sure the organization is in compliance with the regulating agency with regard to monitoring security of the particular facility. Our practical approach to security design takes into account the unique risks for that particular client in addition to the typical risks for all clients and then provides a layered approach to protection beginning with the outside perimeter and moving inward to protect in layers.

Power Plant (Pixabay)

We offer a variety of solutions, including:

      • Automatic gates with access control
      • Video on fenced perimeter to deter, detect, and document unauthorized entry
      • Access control and video on buildings to manage who can go where and when, and to detect and document unauthorized entry
      • Access control and video monitoring of high value or high target internal areas such as the network closet, safe, VIP offices etc.
      • Intrusion detection (burglar alarm)
      • Mass notification systems

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